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Demo Reel

Highlights from some of my commercial and recreational work

Lost-1967 had a contest before Comic-Con 2009 where fans of Lost could submit fake theme music for the show. My brother Ryan and his brother Mat (Grape Soda) took a stab at the contest but of course missed the deadline by a day. What to do? Soldier on of course! So we assembled this “What-If?” opening from an alternate history where Lost was created and aired in 1967 as a campy sci-fi action series.

Obviously ABC owns Lost and this is a loving tribute made by fans. ABC retains all rights to the images used. Do us a favor and take it in the spirit in which it was intended.


If you dig the music check out Grape Soda

RubySue Graphics-Marq Spusta: The Great Fazooli

Production video detailing the printing of a screen printed shirt

for the talented illustrator Marq Spusta by RubySue Graphics.

“Moved by Poo (How sweet It Is)”

Done in collaboration with a co-worker while at Renewlife Formulas for a video contest.

Inglorious Vampires

Fake movie trailer edited for a friend about a group of soldiers going after nazi vampires during WWII.

The Agenda- We Want War!

here’s the first 3 seconds of a music video i’ve been working on for a while now. the final video will be 1500 drawings (50 second song), only 1400 more to go! the song is one of the agenda’s last recordings, and the band broke up before i got any drawings done. 4 years later i decided “what the hell” and dove head first back into it.

Ronald Regan XU- w.i.p.; the first hundred drawings